Friday, March 23, 2012

Tutorial-Baby Bum Ruffles

Who doesn't love little ruffles on baby girls? It's so easy you can do it under 30 mins, faster if you don't have a toddler running around, and trying to steal snacks.
I just used a onesie, that we got used and some scrap fabric.
If you don't want to use fabric you can use ribbon, but make sure it's at least 1 1/2" (I'll show you the one I made later).
Measure your onesie:

I usually do three rows of ruffles, so you'll need two different measurements.
Then measure your fabric, I folded mine in half, since you'll need to double the length. I made mine 10".
Next measure the width, I did 4". Cut three strips.
Alright, now get your sewing machine ready....... Ok you want to use a basting stitch, and sew 1/4" from the edge.
After you sewed all three your going to make some ruffles. Take the bobbin thread and lightly pull, until your fabric is the same width as your onesie.

After you made your ruffles, hem the edges.

Now take your first strip and place it upside down, we don't want the ugly raw edges showing, and sew to your onesie.
Then your gonna take your last two and space them out about an 1" and sew onto your onesie.
Once all the cute ruffles are sewn in place, iron them flat. I also noticed that my top ruffle wouldn't lay flat, so I stitched over it.
And your done! I can't wait for baby girl to wear it!

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Misty Meadows said...

Those are cute!!! Why didn't I think of these things when you all were little!!!

ShabbyMom said...

maybe ruffles weren't popular back in the day lol

Just this... Alice said...

Thanks so much for the tute. I can now confidently make one of these for my new twin granddaughters. I love how easy you made it look and I love easy to do projects. Just wish I could follow you through email as it is easier for me to get the updates. Thanks for the blog as it will help lots of people out there gain confidence to do do crafts.

ShabbyMom (Cassie) said...

Thank you Alice.
I added the follow me by email link so it's easier.
I hope your granddaughter love the ruffles on their bums lol